Top Things to Do in Beachport

There’s plenty of things to see and do and many local attractions here in Beachport. Below is our list of six great activities to get out and enjoy whilst you enjoy your stay here in our beautiful region. From nature walks to coastal drives, an exciting day on the water, or an enjoyable round of golf, there’s something for all.

Pool of Siloam

The Pool of Siloam is a Salt Lake, reputedly seven times saltier than the sea and it is alleged to possess therapeutic assets the high salt concentration in the water makes swimming very easy, as the water is extremely buoyant. A safe and sheltered swimming area with picnic tables, changer rooms and summer shower.

Cape Martin Lighthouse

Cape Martin Lighthouse Walk

The Cape Martin lighthouse was established on the mainland in 1960. From the lookout, looking south to Penguin Island, and you can see the ruins of the lighthouse on the island, which was built in 1878. Penguin Island is a sanctuary and home to Fairy Penguins and other sea birds. An easy walk for young kids with stunning views of the ocean.

Lanky's Well

Lanky Kana, a member of the local Boandik tribe, was employed by the police as a tracker and part of his duties included the care of horses. At the end of this walk you will find Lanky’s Well, it was dug to provide water for the police horses. An easy 30 min walk through natural bush and native plants.

Woakwine Cutting

Woakwine Cutting

Said to be Australia’s biggest one-man engineering feat, the cutting was excavated to drain land behind the Woakwine Range, which is located approximately 12kms from Beachport. A parking bay and viewing platform are provided and the machines used to dig the cutting are on display.

Beachport Jetty

Beachport Jetty

Expanding over the waters of Rivoli bay measuring 772 meters, it is the second longest jetty in South Australia, Anglers are keen to snare Salmon, Mullet, Mulloway and Whiting. Sandy beaches stretch around the bay offering safe swimming and relaxing sunset strolls.

Salmon Hole

Salmon Hole

Located along the famous Bowmans Scenic Drive is a Perfect destination for a family day at the beach. A 600m long curving beach l Excellent for snorkelling, fishing and swimming in the crystal-clear shallow water.

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